Joy D. Sanchez

Joy is a Dallas/Ft Worth based photographer and stylist.

Her credits include film (Ransom, Amazin' Grace, Made with Love) and webseries (Women's Liberation) set photographer. She has published photobooks and her work has been featured in magazines, online and television. She is co-owner of Salon 050


Key hairstylist/set photographer/ DVD art "Taken for Ransom"

Key hairstylist/Set photographer "Amazin' Grace"

Set photographer/poster design "Made with Love"

Set photographer "Women's Liberation"

Photography/CD art Bhakti house band, Jimmy Jones Band and featured in Origins Magazine

Photographer J. Barton Mitchell author of Conquered Earth Series

Photo book: uncommon common

Art exhibit (photography) at the Mattix Art Gallery

Art featured on DFW News Chanel 8