Morgana Shaw

Bette Davis

An award-winning veteran of theatre, film and television, she is happy to be back on stage as Bette Davis in the role she originated in 2006.

Robert Wagner

Special Narration by a friend (Recorded May 10, 2022)

“It brings me great pleasure knowing that Morgana will be interacting with my voice for years to come. Camilla’s script is filled with Bette’s attitude and spirit, and Morgana dives deeply into her character. Bette’s legacy is in good hands... I’m happy to be a part of this production.” - Robert Wagner

Camilla Carr


CAMILLA CARR (Playwright/Screen & Television Writer/Novelist/Actor) is a three-time recipient of the Hollywood DramaLogue

David Andrew Nelson


DAVID ANDREW NELSON (Producer) is an award-winning designer and screenwriter

Ken Orman

Executive Producer

Ken is a producer, director, writer and actor in Dallas/Ft Worth.

Beau McDermott

PR/Sound Engineer/Cast/Producer

Joy D. Sanchez


Joy is a Dallas/Ft Worth based photographer and stylist.